2016 Murano Wins Best Midsize SUV from Cars.com

November 18th, 2016 by

The midsize SUV is one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive market. With the growing popularity of these highly functional vehicles, the competition has been stiff. According to Cars.com, however, there’s one mid-size SUV that seems to be leaving the competition in the dust – the Nissan Murano.

Maybe that’s why the Murano has become such a popular choice. It brings all the things you want to see in a mid-size SUV – comfortable seating for five, lots of cargo space, roomy interior – all while offering impressive power and fuel economy.

The test Cars.com conducted pitted the Nissan Murano against four of its competitors. All vehicles considered were midsize SUVs priced under $45k. So, who was Murano’s competition?

  • 2016 Ford Edge
  • 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2017 Kia Sorento
  • 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Cars.com used the 2016 Nissan Murano in its tests. The vehicles were scored across a variety of categories by Cars.com Senior Editor Kelsey Mays; Cars.com Managing Editor Jennifer Newman; Cars.com Assistant Managing Editor Mark Williams; and Brian Robinson, producer of “MotorWeek” on PBS. To make things even more interesting, they also added judges Johnny and Marianne Walker, a couple with a pair of boys who are shopping for a mid-sized SUV.

It wasn’t even particularly close

The Murano finished at or near the top in all categories considered. Without going into great detail into their scoring methods (that information is available at the Cars.com website), the Nissan Murano scores 811 points, enough to put it 31 points ahead of its nearest competitor and a full 117 points ahead of the rear guard. Here’s how they finished:

1. Nissan Murano, 811 points
2. Ford Edge, 779 points
3. Kia Sorento, 740 points
4. Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, 706 points
5. Jeep Grand Cherokee, 694 points

So, Here’s What They Liked So Much about the 2016 Nissan Murano

Cars.com Senior Editor Kelsey Mays had high praise for the Murano. According to Mays, the Murano “is the closest thing to a luxury SUV in this group.” She cited the quality of materials used for the cabin, a level of styling not seen in similarly-priced competitors as qualities that earned Murano that praise.

Testers also liked the fact that the Murano has plenty of get up and go. They cited the 3.5-liter V6 engine as driving the best powertrain of the bunch. Cabin comfort was also a high point, with testers being impressed with the plush seating and roominess for driver and front and back seat passengers. This is particularly notable because, as the study points out, Nissan’s seating has often been pointed out as a weak area by Cars.com in the past. Clearly, Nissan has figured it out and got it right with the Murano.

The interior drew rave reviews as well. Not only was it spacious, but there was plenty of what people buy a mid-size SUV for – storage space. Testers pointed out the abundance of cubby-holes and other spaces where items can be stowed safely away. Testers also liked the easy-to-stow seats and, especially, that the seats can be raised with the push of a button – important to parents who may be juggling kids in one arm and groceries or team gear in the other.

The Murano’s safety features also impressed the testers. The around-view camera system was particularly popular, with testers saying that it made parallel parking a lot easier – something anyone who has ever had to park a larger vehicle into crowded city parking spaces can readily appreciate.

Of course, you shouldn’t take Cars.com’s word for it. The best way to see what they liked about it so much is to get out and test drive a Nissan Murano for yourself.

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