Nissan Introduces the Rogue Sport

April 20th, 2017 by

When you love cityscapes and country roads too, sometimes it can feel difficult to find a vehicle. The Nissan Rogue Sport has the ability to seamlessly take you from one environment to the next (and everywhere in between.) Come test drive this crossover if you plan to load up the trunk with a tent and backpacks.

Touring the Exterior

Nissan has made a car that’s compact enough to parallel park, coupled with a ride height that can take you on steep hills and uneven road conditions. You won’t have to worry about leaving the bottom with scratches, scrapes and dents of every variety. The lines of the car are designed to give you the aerodynamics you need for an extra burst of speed on the freeway, and the V-motion grille makes you look like a pro when you go. The sporty accents mean you instantly fit in running errands or pulling up on a campground.


If you’re used to grabbing your smartphone to find the best breakfast spot when you’re out on the town, you won’t have to pull over to do it anymore. Use NissanConnect to Google anything you need, and its navigation features to get you there. Instead of bypassing the diner twice before you finally pull in, get there faster and with less annoyance. And if you feel nervous when you hand over the keys to your Nissan Rogue Sport to a valet driver, turn on the valet alert to let you know if the driver takes it farther than .2 miles.

Drive Safe and Sound

Pedestrians, dogs, squirrels, cross traffic: sometimes the road is simply dangerous. Nissan Rogue Sport has emergency forward braking, an all-around view camera, and even pedestrian detection so any potential emergency turns into a near-miss at absolute worst. Lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring are particularly welcome for new drivers, and the Safety Shield technology gives you a buffer between your comfortable driver’s seat and the outside world.

Everything In Its Place

Most people like their stuff, but sometimes that stuff can end up scattered all around the car — creating hazards and an overall messy environment. The Nissan Rogue Sport has intuitive compartments both in the front and the back. Store your potato chip stash, car charger, and key card up front, and your sleeping bag, lacrosse gear, and grocery shopping in the back.

The Drive

Designed to get your around tight turns and through major puddles, the Nissan Rogue Sport has an adaptive design that distributes power and traction to the brakes and wheels based on how you’re using the car. Whether you’re hitting the gas to get away from an unstable driver or trying to navigate a particularly muddy patch of road, every bit of its 141 horsepower is used efficiently. Engine is a 2.5L, 4-cylinder, which conveniently conserves power based on how much fuel you have left in the tank.